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Smart Shaped, SCRUM, and innovation: new paradigms to successfully overcome changes.

We often associate innovation exclusively with high-performance hardware and software tools that simplify processes. But do you know something? Even if you own a quantum supercomputer, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be innovative!

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A significant part of innovation comes from adopting process management frameworks that help companies optimize the work of their employees and cope with even sudden changes that the tech and business world must face.

That's why Smart Shaped Software has decided to adopt SCRUM, an agile development framework used to manage high-complexity projects. Today, we want to talk to you precisely about this framework and the benefits it can bring to our work.

It may seem strange that we refer to a framework created in the mid-1990s to be innovative. Don't be deceived: innovation also involves adopting different paradigms from traditional ones.

With SCRUM, we learn to break down a large and complex project into many small increments, called "sprints", which are completed in relatively short periods.

In addition to task division, the SCRUM framework also involves several key roles that form the SCRUM team:

  • Developers and the entire group working on the project.

  • The SCRUM Master, who is responsible for implementing the framework and removing any obstacles.

  • The Product Owner, who manages development priorities to meet the product vision.

These roles interact through a series of meetings held during the project. The sprint planning meeting defines the tasks to be completed. Daily stand-up meetings are used to monitor the progress and identify any obstacles. Sprint reviews are conducted to showcase the completed work to the Product Owner and stakeholders, while sprint retrospectives aim to improve the team's efficiency.

But why did we choose to adopt SCRUM? Besides numerous benefits, such as increased transparency and communication among all involved parties in the design process and time optimization due to task breakdown into sprints, there is another reason. SCRUM is not just a framework used in the software world; it can become our approach to tackling all the challenges our company faces.

So, it doesn't matter if you don't own a quantum supercomputer or smart glasses: with the right framework, you'll have an innovative way to approach projects and achieve your goals. When it comes to innovation, nothing can beat a bit of spirit and a good pinch of creativity!



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