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Smart Shaped Software

Smart Shaped s.r.l. is a company founded in 2015 with the aspiration to facilitate enterprise software project management by adopting the most modern technological patterns and frameworks. We help Italian companies with a particular focus on the banking sector, in the design/engineering, development and maintenance of software solutions.

We continue to improve our core asset: a low-code platform that helps and enhances Java Enterprise product development and the entire software lifecycle.

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Facilitate enterprise software development by making it faster, easier, and more accessible. Teamwork and quality solutions to lead companies towards successful digital transformation using new methods and technologies.

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Our vision is to make companies resilient and reactive to technological changes in order to break down every obstacle between IT and business.

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Why Smart Shaped

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We are professionals with years of experience in enterprise software management and development projects.

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We work and invest in R&D by cooperating with several universities and research institutes in Italy and abroad.

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Low Code

We develop our enterprise software solutions with a reliable and innovative low-code development platform.

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With cloud services we manage your software with intelligence and simplicity.

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We develop our solutions with agile methodologies, involving the client at every step.

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We pay particular attention to your needs in order to achieve excellence.

Meet The Team

Fabiano Izzo.webp

Fabiano Izzo

  • LinkedIn
Lucio Menna.webp

Lucio Menna

  • LinkedIn
Giampietro Vavassori.webp

Giampietro Vavassori
Strategic Advisor

  • LinkedIn
Francesco Bucci.webp

Francesco Bucci
Principal Trainer

  • LinkedIn
Romeo Ridolfi.webp

Romeo Ridolfi
Strategic Advisor

  • LinkedIn
Angelina Shydlovska.webp

Angelina Shydlovska
Admin Support

  • LinkedIn
Marco Petricca.webp

Marco Petricca
Full-stack Dev

  • LinkedIn
Ruggiero Delicio.webp

Ruggiero Delicio
Senior Back-end Dev

  • LinkedIn
Simone Caruso.webp

Simone Caruso
Back-end Dev

  • LinkedIn
Giuseppe Gasbarro.webp

Giuseppe Gasbarro
Full-stack Dev

  • LinkedIn
Loreto Cicerone.webp

Loreto Cicerone
Front-end Dev

  • LinkedIn
Aureliano D'Amici.webp

Aureliano D'Amici
Project Manager / Agile SCRUM Master

  • LinkedIn
Aurelio Scarpone.webp

Aurelio Scarpone
Senior Full-stack Dev

  • LinkedIn
Carlo Gambazzi.webp

Carlo Gambazzi
Back-end Java Dev

  • LinkedIn
Ermes Di Prisco.webp

Ermes Di Prisco
Front-end Angular Dev

  • LinkedIn
Giammarco Cataldi.webp

Giammarco Cataldi
Back-end Dev

  • LinkedIn
Gianluca Zanzarella.webp

Gianluca Zanzarella
Front-end Angular Dev

  • LinkedIn
Ida Dell Edera.webp

Ida Dell'Edera
Full-stack Dev

  • LinkedIn
Jacopo Marcelli.webp

Jacopo Marcelli
Front-end Dev

  • LinkedIn
Luca Finzio.webp

Luca Finzio
Back-end  Dev

  • LinkedIn
Ryan Elia Cocozza.webp

Ryan Elia Cocozza
Application Maintenance

  • LinkedIn
SmartShaped Website Background.png

Our history

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Partnership con Payotik icona.png


Smart Shaped foundation

Smart Shaped is born: an innovative startup created from the passion for software engineering and the desire to contribute to technological advancement in the enterprise sector.

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