Smart Shaped Software

Smart Shaped Software cover image - Factory where low-code and blockchain help Smart Shaped deliver quality software through partnerships and cooperation.


Facilitate enterprise software development by making it faster, easier, and more accessible. Teamwork and quality solutions to lead companies towards successful digital transformations.


Make companies resilient and reactive to technological change in order to break down any barrier between IT and business.

Why Smart Shaped

Why Smart Shaped - Competence.


We are professionals with years of experience in enterprise software management and development projects.

Why Smart Shaped - Cloud.


With cloud services we manage your software with intelligence and simplicity.

Why Smart Shaped - Research.


As an innovative startup, we constantly invest in R&D and cooperate with several universities.

Why Smart Shaped - Agile methodologies.


We develop our solutions with agile methodologies, involving the client at every step.

Why Smart Shaped - Low-code.


We develop our enterprise software solutions with a reliable and innovative low-code development platform.

Why Smart Shaped - Results.


We pay particular attention to your needs in order to achieve excellence.

The team


Fabiano Izzo

"Team is the key to success"


Lucio Menna

Francesco Bucci

"Never stop enriching knowledge"

"Safe and trusted"

Julian Habili.png
Marco Petricca.png

Julian Habili

Front-end Developer

Marco Petricca

Full stack Developer

Giampietro Vavassori.png

Giampietro Vavassori

Strategic Advisor

"Perspective visions"

Fabiano Izzo.png

Fabiano Izzo


"Team is the key to success"

Lucio Menna.png

Lucio Menna


"Never stop enriching knowledge"

Francesco Bucci.png

Principal Trainer

Francesco Bucci

"Safe and Trusted"

Cristian Di Febo.png

AstraKode Architect

"Listen, think, solve"

Cristian Di Febo

Romeo Ridolfi.png

Romeo Ridolfi

Strategic Advisor

"Precise and effective"

Giorgio Giorgini.png

Giorgio Giorgini

AstraKode Developer

"Capitalizing experience"


Smart Shaped ideation

History - Smart Shaped Software's birth.


Smart Shaped foundation


Payotik partnership

Smart Shaped is born: an innovative startup created from the desire to develop the low-code development platform AstraKode in a flexible, productive, and friendly work environment.

Our history