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In Smart Shaped, we have one priority: People.
We firmly believe in the power of each individual's contribution, expressing their potential, and we are aware that success stems from cooperation.
We all feel part of one big team where the needs and value of each individual are central.
Listening, appreciating, developing, motivating, uniting: this is our creed.

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Smart Shaped ottiene le certificazioni ChooseMyCompany 2024 per HappyIndex®AtWork e WeImpactIndex®!

Siamo fieri di annunciare che Smart Shaped Software ha ottenuto le prestigiose certificazioni ChooseMyCompany 2024 per HappyIndex®AtWork e WeImpactIndex®, riconoscimenti che attestano il nostro impegno per la promozione di un ambiente di lavoro positivo e sostenibile.

Inoltre Smart Shaped Software si posiziona seconda nella classifica HappyIndex®AtWork in Italia per le aziende con 25-99 collaboratori!

SmartShaped Website Background.png

Our values


We are small, but with great ambitions.
Being a small-sized company allows us to focus on quality: dedicating time, care, and attention to every phase of the development process, we are able to offer high-quality solutions. We also deeply care about every person in our team and strive to provide a supportive and stimulating work environment every day.


Cooperating for us means creating synergies among people, to foster a positive atmosphere with strong relationships, where everyone can enhance their skills and acquire new competencies. Cooperation also facilitates the development of new ideas and solutions, enabling us to overcome challenges with greater effectiveness and efficiency.


We develop contacts and collaborations with foreign institutions and companies to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and innovative practices across different cultures and contexts.
Within our company, we organize courses to enhance English language proficiency and provide everyone with the opportunity to contribute to Smart Shaped's new international challenges.

Research & Development

Research is the chosen means to keep up with the times, addressing new challenges and market opportunities.
For years, in collaboration with the top Italian and foreign universities, we have been carrying out research activities that foster knowledge exchange and drive the development of innovative solutions.


We remove barriers to enable each individual to achieve their goals with satisfaction and have equal opportunities. We promote mutual trust, meritocracy, respect for the diversity of each personal characteristic, and inclusion.


We promote virtuous and responsible behaviors to best address the challenges posed by the evolving context in which we live. We work for the well-being of people and care about the environment, aiming to achieve sustainable success.

Let's build a real team!

Keyword: COHESION! Every year, we organize a multi-day Team Building event that includes sessions of Mindfulness, Coaching, and much more. During these days, we get to know ourselves better, our colleagues, discover ways to improve ourselves from all perspectives, and above all, strengthen the bonds with the team members.

Do you want to join us?

We can't wait to meet you! We are always looking for young talents who love challenges, who want to grow and "influence" our reality with their uniqueness, becoming an active part of an authentic, open, and collaborative company. Send your application!

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