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Smart Shaped has grown and is constantly looking for bright minds!

We kick off our new blog with the intention of explaining the reasons why you might consider submitting your resume after reading this article. Don't worry, we don't engage in gimmicks like the magician Silvan!

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Smart Shaped was founded in 2015 by a group of university friends as an innovative startup from Abruzzo. Over the course of eight years, we have made significant progress and gained extensive experience.

In the first year of operation, we established a strategic partnership with Corvallis, from which we have gained significant expertise in the financial sector. Among our collaborations, the standout one is the development of Riquadro, a payment monitoring and reconciliation solution used by leading Italian financial institutions.

In 2017, we successfully secured funding from the Smart&Start Italia grant, which allowed us to look towards the future and work on innovative topics and new technologies. Thanks to this decision, our expertise has expanded, ranging from Blockchain (with a partnership with AstraKode) to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

We have come a long way and we envision further growth, establishing ourselves as a significant player in the IT sector, not only in Italy but also internationally. This achievement is possible due to Smart Shaped's work philosophy, where we promote research and development through numerous academic partnerships, encourage a multidisciplinary approach, and foster synergies within the team. Additionally, we support flexible work and strive to achieve results without oppressive hierarchical organization. In short, we are committed to making work less burdensome for the team and collaborating to achieve a common goal.

We are a company where our size allows us to pay the right attention to the people of our team, and they are always regarded as such. However, at the same time, we manage to pursue our long-standing desire to operate in the international market, which has become even more tangible in recent months, thanks to new projects with players from around the world, which we will soon talk about!

Another point that we absolutely want to address in our first post is Smart Shaped's commitment to the environment. Too often, these words are merely a marketing tactic, but for us, they represent a fundamental priority. In this regard, we not only make choices that promote environmental care and respect but also work to propose new innovative projects in the clean technology sector because we believe that accelerating towards greater ecological awareness is necessary.

There are many compelling reasons to work at Smart Shaped, although it is challenging to summarize them all in a single post. That's why we decided to launch our new blog: it will be a meeting point where we share our activities, projects, and experiences.

Starting today, two new pages are available on our website to provide you with further information about us and to allow you to submit your application. We are looking forward to hearing your perspective and are excited to embark on this new adventure together. And remember, no magician tricks here!


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