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Custom Software

Would you wear clothes that do not fit? What about shoes that are too large or too small for comfort? Sometimes a pre-made solution able to meet your business needs simply does not exist. Very often this means that companies will not be able to fully utilize the software they own: they paid for functionalities they never use, moving from one platform to the other, while the functionalities they actually need are nowhere to be found.

Java & JEE

Our solutions are based on Java, the most open and used cross-platform language,


With many years of experience in heterogeneous enterprise software projects, Smart Shaped offers its team's expertise in Java and JEE. Our consultants are able to support you in the following activities: 

Project management

Requirements analysis

Architectures and integration of heterogeneous systems

Management of technical teams

Development and testing

Release and maintenance




With our expertise you can easily integrate blockchain solutions with your software.

Full-stack solutions

We are experienced in the development of full-stack enterprise solutions.


We develop intuitive yet innovative UIs.

We develop back-end solutions ready to be integrated with your software.

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