The ReVO platform

ReVO is a low-code development platform that empowers you with the support and instruments necessary to manage and control all phases of an enterprise software's life cycle. The platform provides several guided processes for the various stakeholders in the development process. From the initial project estimations, through the collection of the software's functional requirements, to the definition of the various layers that characterize an enterprise software, up until the development, testing, and release phases, ReVO traces a thread that connects all phases of the software life cycle.


ReVO base modules

The LEM Module

LEM is a module that was created to manage all phases of a software project's life cycle, from its ideation to its release. LEM is in turn composed by the following submodules:

This submodule puts at the Project Manager's disposal a series of tools to handle the project's idea, its creation, the estimation of its costs, and the formation and configuration of its team.

The IDE Module

Integrated graphical development environment that allows developers to create software by composing and configuring graphical elements. Once that is done, the IDE takes care of code generation.

ReVO runtime components

Blockchain Integration

ReVO supports and facilitates the integration of different blockchain technologies into your software.

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What can you build with ReVO?

With ReVO you can CREATE web-based software such as:

Custom CRM

ERP modules

Project Management

Custom CMS

Back-end engine



The Low-Code approach

A low-code development platform is a development environment where software is created via graphic interface and configurations, which are then interpreted by the platform to generate the source code.


Why ReVO


Reduce your software projects' TCO thanks to the quickness and ease of the low-code approach.


Make development more accessible, freeing senior resources and involving business users. 

Lock-in Free

ReVO utilizes open source standards to generate software that is evolvable and maintainable also outside the platform.


Increase the coherence of your IT portfolio with simpler and more standardized applications.


Facilitate the introduction of agile development methods, encouraging an iterative development of your software.


Manage every phase of your software project's life cycle, from its ideation to release.