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New supercomputers and AI Factory: Italy invests in Artificial Intelligence.

Gif Supercomputer

A new supercomputer for artificial intelligence is active in Italy: Nexxt AI Factory, owned by Fastweb, is the first supercomputer in our country dedicated to AI. It is based on Nvidia DGX SuperPOD and uses the MIIA model, developed by Fastweb itself. MIIA, with its 1.5 billion tokens, is the largest Italian-language LLM in existence. The LLM was powered by texts from Istat, Edizioni Bignami and Gruppo Mondadori, in full respect of copyright and privacy according to Fastweb.

According to the company, the work done starting from a very large dataset, even if finished, allows the reduction of the so-called "hallucinations" of the model.

Nexxt AI Factory is designed to support public administrations and startups in a wide range of areas. Security in its use is guaranteed by its integration with four Security Operation Centers, which offer high levels of protection and reliability.

But the news doesn't end there: during the Wired Next Fest, the President of CINECA Francesco Ubertini announced the arrival of a new supercomputer for artificial intelligence, due to arrive next year. This new supercomputer, which will join Leonardo, will have a computing power ten times greater than the latter. CINECA's goal is to create a real AI factory, favoring its development and application.

According to Ubertini, "Italy is a candidate to host the first European AI Factory" and "next year we will install a supercomputer for AI alongside Leonardo that has ten times the computing power."

Various organizations are investing in this technology that has now become strategic. The development of infrastructures that allow experimentation and the growth of skills in the field of AI is a priority to compete at European level and, as Europe, at world level.



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