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Microsoft wants to crown itself as the leader in weather forecasting.

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After various implementations with Machine Learning and AI, Microsoft is taking stock and beginning to build its reputation as a leading player in the weather forecasting sector.

Microsoft Start Weather, the weather service found within Windows 11, has been officially recognized as the most accurate weather forecasting service in the world. According to an independent report commissioned by Microsoft from Forecast Watch, which analyzed 24 major weather forecast providers globally, Microsoft Start Weather ranked first for its accuracy and reliability.

In particular, the service from the Redmond company managed to achieve the top position in accuracy for general weather forecasts, high temperatures, low temperatures, and wind speed.

Tabella Forecast Watch

Tabella Forecast Watch

Tabella Forecast Watch

In fact, this is the second year that Microsoft's service has been ranked as the best weather service for accuracy, but thanks to the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the margin of lead over competitors has increased in this year's results (estimated at a margin of +4%, according to The Weather Channel).

Thus, Microsoft continues to position itself as a leader in the sector, highlighting the ability of its systems to predict extreme events, make ten-day forecasts with above-average accuracy, and promoting its entry into the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador project with words of praise from the director of NOAA.

The research and market for weather forecasting involve the efforts of several important players who will undoubtedly want to carve out a crucial role in the sector: Nvidia, Huawei, and other large companies are investing heavily.

Surely, this race will lead to a refinement of techniques and increasingly accurate forecasts.




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