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The challenges and opportunities of Smart Shaped's internationalization

The origin of Smart Shaped dates back to the ambitious vision of simplifying enterprise software development, making it accessible and intuitive. Over the years, through a progressive accumulation of experience, the company has solidified its know-how, emerging today as a leading player in the innovation race in the IT sector.

In recent times, Smart Shaped has undertaken an important internationalization initiative, with the aim of expanding its customer base and conquering new markets: an exciting adventure that has made us feel like the crew on the Enterprise, in search of new horizons.

Internationalization represents the process in which companies open up to new foreign markets, establishing relationships with various players outside national borders.

Smart Shaped has firmly embarked on this path, weaving connections beyond national borders, in order to penetrate the global market through the dissemination of the skills of its team, engaged in international projects that include, among others, the significant commitment in Latin America that we will soon share.

The rewards of such an initiative can be substantial and multifaceted:

  • Learning and growth opportunities: one of the most interesting advantages of internationalization. Dealing with different cultures greatly enriches the awareness and know-how of the team.

  • An improvement margin on the number of sales, thanks to the possibilities offered by different markets.

  • Risk diversification: if the company operates in different markets, it will be more difficult to reach a critical point due to the sufferings related to the market itself.

  • Another important advantage is access to expertise and technologies different from those offered by the market in which it operates.

Of course, there are no shortage of challenges in this journey, which we at Smart Shaped face with enthusiasm:

  • We try to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, through a heterogeneous and international team and through English language courses for all employees.

  • We face different regulations in the different countries in which we operate thanks to our research and information gathering approach.

  • We take international competition as a stimulus, to always be up-to-date and pushing for innovation.

The enthusiasm in facing the challenges of internationalization has become a central pillar for Smart Shaped.

The diverse composition of the team and the efforts dedicated to overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers testify to the strong commitment to building an inclusive and effective international collaboration.

With a smile and an adventurous vision, we prepare to say: see you in the vast world!

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