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Front-end: Introduction to the Importance of User Experience

We challenge each of you to declare that you have never found yourself at an impasse in front of a door, unsure whether to push it, pull it, or perhaps slide it.

Gif with door

Don't worry, it's a common experience for everyone, and in the vast majority of cases, the responsibility lies with the door itself, or more precisely, the poor quality of the User Experience (UX).

User Experience represents the sum of emotions, perceptions, and cognitive responses that a user has during the use and interaction with a product. Although the discussion on this topic is prevalent in the digital context, design professionals are well aware that user experience is a concept that spans across all types of projects.

Designing an excellent User Experience means enabling the user to use the product and achieve their goals without any inconvenience or negative feelings.

User Experience is a crucial element for the success of any product. When a user has a need, they use our product to fulfill it. If the use occurs smoothly, the user will be delighted. In similar future needs, they are likely to remember our product and choose it again.

If our product becomes an integral part of the user's life, and they appreciate its usability, they are likely to prefer it over competitors and spontaneously recommend it to their colleagues.

Designing the User Experience allows users to use the product seamlessly, ensuring positive experiences and enabling the company to offer an engaging product with high user loyalty rates.

Never underestimate the importance of User Experience: even if the product is extremely useful, if its usage is complex, users will prefer to solve the problem in a less stressful way.

This, although of fundamental importance, represents only one aspect of User Experience. In the upcoming articles, we will delve deeper into this field, exploring how to design an effective User Experience, identifying new fields of application, and addressing other aspects of this fascinating sector.

The next time you struggle with a door, don't be too hard on yourself: it's undoubtedly a problem of poor design!



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