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Enterprise software development has never been easier!


Doubled speed for the development of your projects.


Dedicated resources to your project with our help.

High quality provided solutions.

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What do we do

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Full-Stack solutions

We are experts in delivering reliable and innovative full-stack enterprise solutions with no technological lock-ins.

Project management consultancy

We are professionals with years of experience in development projects and enterprise software management.

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Business processes digitalization

As a result of the heterogeneous experiences of our team, we can help you effectively digitize your business processes.

About us

Smart Shaped Software is a startup born in 2015 from the common vision of a group of friends and professionals specialized in enterprise software project management. 
Our passion for software engineering and design and process best practices has led our team through many successful experiences, on increasingly challenging and innovative projects.

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Smart Shaped Blog

Every blog article is available in Italian and English.


Contact us

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Corso Manthoné 69 - 65127 Pescara (PE), Italy

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