Welcome to the Revolution

Enterprise software development has never been easier!


Our low-code development platform that helps you create quality software within the established timelines, with a lower budget.


Smart Shaped offers its clients the chance of forming long-lasting partnerships, focused on objectives and reciprocal growth.


Our team is formed by highly skilled professionals, able to help you with any task of the development process.


About us

Smart Shaped Software is a startup born in 2015 from the common vision of a group of friends and professionals specialized in enterprise software project management. With AstraKode, our low-code development platform, we promote instruments and modules able to assist all of a software project's stakeholders throughout its life cycle. Our platform also promotes agile development methods.

Every blog article is available in Italian and English.



Viale Pindaro 33 - 65127 Pescara (PE), Italia

+39 085 8963876